The Executive

2017-2018 District Executive

Hugh Garrett, President
Greg Sheeler, Vice-President
Steve Spring, Vice-President
Jennifer Kumpf, Treasurer
Dave Parkes, Executive Officer
Meighen McGregor, Executive Officer
Barb Young, Occasional Teacher Branch President
Stephen Lynch, Federation Officer

District Officers

Stephen Lynch, Communications/Political Action Officer
Jim Stover, Health and Safety Officer
Jennifer Kumpf, Human Rights Officer
Meighen McGregor, Status of Women Officer

District Responsibilities

District President
• staffing • Labour Relations cases • Collective Agreement concerns • Constitution • District Executive • District Council • AMPA • negotiations • Health & Safety assistance • awards

Federation Officer
• negotiations • contract concerns • payroll concerns • Collective Bargaining Committee • benefits • long term disability • Employee Assistance Plan • Retirement Workshop • New Teachers’ Orientation

• Constitution • Political Action • special projects • Committee Liaison

• finances of the District • Branch Treasurer information

Executive Officers
• assume duties from the Executive

Communications/Political Action Officer
• Student Achievement Award (in honour of Marion Drysdale) contest • D10 Dialogue • Political Action

Health & Safety Officer
• OHSA - inspection assistance • member of Joint Health & Safety Committee • general Health & Safety concerns

Educational Services Officer
• Professional Development

Occasional Teachers' Branch President
• Collective Agreement concerns • staffing concerns • AMPA • negotiations