Occasional Teachers



PRESIDENT -- Chloe McKinnon
VICE PRESIDENT -- Sarah Gordon
SECRETARY -- Erica Renneboog
TREASURER -- Erica Laker

Collective Agreement
Occasional Teachers should familiarize themselves with the Collective Agreement between the LKDSB and OSSTF District 10.  While Article L39 - Occasional Teachers is specific to Occasional Teachers, many more Articles apply as well..  Have a question?  Ask an OSSTF Branch President at any school site, or contact the District Office.  OSSTF representatives sometimes have a different understanding of the contract than school officials—We’re all here to help. 

Removal from the Roster
The Collective Agreement requires that a member must work at least one day in the secondary panel to stay on the Occasional Teachers’ Roster the following school year (L39.05.7) .  Working in the Elementary panel does not qualify.  Additionally, members must complete an annual form provided by the LKDSB, prior to May 31 each year, confirming their intention to remain on the Roster (L39.05.6).  PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THESE REQUIREMENTS.

Mandatory Online Training/Declarations
ALL employees are required to complete mandatory e-training on the Board's Our Training Room website (https://www.ourtrainingroom.com).  Log in with your LKDSB.net email address and password to complete the various courses and declarations in your agenda. Failure to complete agenda items within required timeframes could constitute removal from the Occasional Teachers' Roster.

Professional Development
Occasional teachers are welcome to attend all Professional Development events organized by the Lambton Kent District School Board and are encouraged to do so.

Employment Insurance for Teachers
Employment Insurance (EI) benefits may be payable to some Occasional Teachers during non-teaching periods.  Members are encouraged to carefully review details regarding EI specific to Occasional Teachers through the Government of Canada website (https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/ei-teachers.html).  As this is not a Collective Agreement provision, questions regarding EI should be directed to Service Canada.  Contact information and options can be found here

Benefits (Click on the logo below)


*The FAQ section of this website provides helpful information about OT/LTO eligibility for benefits.
**Note:  Benefits for LTOs end on the last day of their long-term assignment (ie. June 30). 

OSSTF Perks for Members - Edvantage
As a member of OSSTF you can receive many discounts through Edvantage.  Members are encouraged to check their website (www.edvantage.ca) to see what companies or services they offer.


Classroom and OT Team


Job Postings in District 10 - How do they work?

An OT Guide

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Reporting and Responding to Incidents - A Resource for Occasional Teachers

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