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PRESIDENT -- Eric Soepboer
VICE PRESIDENT -- Sarah Gordon
TREASURER -- Kevin Basham

Ontario Regulation 274/12

Summary of Regulation 274/12

OT Evaluation Template

Above you will see copies of the new Regulations regarding the Hiring of Long Term Occasionals and our summary of the new Regulations. Please read them carefully.

Ontario Regulation 148/13 has recently been filed which amends Regulation 274/12, section 4 (2) of the Education Act.

The amendments alter two areas of the original Regulation 274.

The original Regulation 274 stated the following:

Long-term occasional teachers list

4. (1) Every board shall establish and maintain a long-term occasional teachers list.

(2) An occasional teacher may apply to the board to be placed on the list and the board may grant the teacher an interview if,

(a) the teacher has been on the board’s roster of occasional teachers for at least 10 months; and

(b) the teacher has taught as an occasional teacher in one or more schools of the board for at least 20 full days during the 10-month period immediately preceding the day the application is submitted.

As is described in Ontario Regulation 148/13, an occasional teacher shall be granted an interview to be on the board’s roster of long-term occasional teachers if the teacher meets the criteria in 4.(2) (a) and (b). Reg 148/13 expands the timeframe in which an occasional teacher is able to meet the requirements of 4. (2) (b). An occasional teacher must now have worked 20 days in any 10 month period in the 5 years prior to their application to be on the long-term occasional list.

If you have any questions, please contact the District Office.

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Reminder that ALL employees are required to log on to the Board's Training Room (http://www.lkdsbelearning.net) to complete the Health and Safety courses which will be found once logged on, in your agenda. You may also access this site through the Board's internet home page. Go to the section entitled "Quick Links" and click on "Professional Development". Logon with your email address and password. If you fail to complete these courses, you will be removed from the Occasional Teachers' list.

Bill 157

Reporting and Responding to Incidents - A Resource for Occasional Teachers


Occasional teachers are welcome to attend all Professional Development events organized by the Lambton Kent District School Board and are encouraged to do so.

Useful Information

As a member of OSSTF you can receive many discounts through Edvantage.  Members are encouraged to check their website (www.edvantage.ca) to see what companies or services they can take advantage of.

Members Dropped from the List

The present Collective Agreement mandates that a member must work at least one day in the Secondary panel to stay on the Occasional Teachers’ list the following school year.  Working in the Elementary panel does not qualify.


OSSTF Benefits Memorandum - OSSTF Benefits Eligibility Information for Teachers and LTOs During the Summer Months

If you have accepted a Long Term Occasional position or are considering one, please keep in mind that you may qualify for Benefits.  Long Term Occasionals who teach for an entire semester are entitled to apply for the Board’s Benefit package and get the subsidized rate. If they wish to continue the benefits for a period in which they are not working full time, they can still access the benefits but must pay the entire premium cost.  Please contact the District Office for more details.



Survival Skills for Occasional Teachers

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