District 10 News

  • Grid Remedy Payment Information

  • OSSTF Benefits Memorandum - OSSTF Benefits Eligibility Information for Teachers and LTOs During the Summer Months

  • RTO's First Friday Brunch - for OSSTF members that retired in 2017/2018

  • Benefits Plan Guide

  • Secondary Teacher Pay Stub Codes

  • June's Workplace Wellness Newsletter (courtesy of Lambton Public Health)

  • Bill 157 - Reporting and Responding to Incidents

  • Teacher Performance Appraisal Tips

  • Annual Learning Plan

  • OSSTF Provincial Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan Changes and New Coverage Termination Provisions

  • Application for LTD Coverage Termination

  • Lambton Public Health - Curriculum Links and Resources

  • Adverse Reports on Colleagues
  • Provincial News

  • Changes to the Ontario Colledge of Teachers Act and the Early Childhood Educators Act

  • Employment Insurance (EI) Waiting Period, EI Payment Options, and SUB Plans

  • The 'Pathways' to Leadership for Women in OSSTF Handbook

  • Certification Rating Statement

  • Guidelines for Members - Children's Aid Societies & OSSTF Members

  • Yes, You Can. Dispelling the Myths About Sharing Information with Children's Aid Societies

  • Understanding Professional Judgement

  • Protocol for OSSTF Members After Assault in the Workplace

  • Latest Provincial Publications

  • Upcoming Events

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