District 10 News

  • September's Workplace Wellness Newsletter (courtesy of Lambton Public Health)

  • OTF Professional Development opportunities are available this summer...and they are FREE! Check it out!

  • OTIP Benefits & Insurance Bulletin - Summer 2016

  • Early Gratuity Payment Calculator

  • Retirement Workshop organized by: District 38 - Retired Teachers of Ontario

  • Members living in Lambton County, who have retired/or will retire, between September 8, 2015 and September 6, 2016 - consider attending the No Bell Breakfast sponsored by the Retired Teachers of Ontario

  • AQ Subsidies available again!
    The Ministry of Education, through the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, is offering financial assistance to teachers wishing to take additional qualification courses. Teachers can apply for a subsidy of up to $450 for each approved course taken in Mathematics or Technology. This subsidy applies to courses completed on or after February 1, 2016.

  • Professional Advisory: Duty to Report (courtesy of Ontario College of Teachers

  • Lambton Public Health - Curriculum Links and Resources

  • Registration is now open for OTF Connects webinars!

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION for those members travelling to CUBA

  • Make-A-Wish

  • Long Term Disability Coverage Termination - OSSTF Provincial LTD Plan - Understanding your options

  • Application for LTD Coverage Termination

  • Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery

  • Adverse Reports on Colleagues

  • Teacher Performance Appraisal Tips

  • Annual Learning Plan

  • Provincial News

  • United Nations Survey on the World of Women and Work

  • Now Available - Common Threads VI - The Sustainable Society

  • Guidelines for Members - Children's Aid Societies & OSSTF Members

  • Yes, You Can. Dispelling the Myths About Sharing Information with Children's Aid Societies

  • Domestic Violence at Work New Online Resource

  • An Educator's Resource to Growing Success

  • Understanding Professional Judgement

  • Professional Judgement and Growing Success Resources for Educators

  • OSSTF Annual Designated Charity Kids Help Phone

  • Protocol for OSSTF Members After Assault in the Workplace

  • Members Transporting Students in Their Vehicles

  • Workplace Violence Resources for Members

  • Latest Provincial Publications

  • Project LINK

  • Upcoming Events

    For a complete list of upcoming events, please see the calendar.

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