OSSTF District 10

Welcome to the Lambton-Kent Official Website

About Us

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) is a trade union representing approximately 60,000 education workers across the Province. The Provincial Office works to protect its diverse membership which is represented in 155 bargaining units across the Province. Over 500 teachers and occasional teachers, in one combined Bargaining Unit (T/OT), are represented locally in Lambton Kent.

Democracy is the hallmark of OSSTF decision making. OSSTF is a democratic union which provides our members with many opportunities to both serve the union and grow personally and professionally. Many of our members serve on Provincial Committees.

The Annual Meeting of the District Assembly (AMDA) is the supreme decision making body for District 10. AMDA elects the District Executive every two years.

District Council is the legislative body that acts in the name of the Federation between annual meetings.