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Pregnancy, Parental, or Adoption Leave

Requesting a Leave of Absence in District 10

Under Article 16 of the Collective Agreement between OSSTF District 10 and the Lambton Kent District School Board, all leave requests are to be made using the Request for a Leave of Absence Form. This form (this is a Sample form) is available in the main office of all LKDSB schools, on the LKDSB Portal system (www.lkdsb.net), and by diirectly contacting the Human Resources Department.

LKDSB contacts are:

Some additional items to consider when requesting the leave are:

The other element of completing the Request for Leave of Absence form is establishing your return to work date. Some items to consider include:


If you are currently a contract teacher, you will need to make a decision as to whether to maintain your OTIP Benefits or to suspend them. Please contact OTIP Benefits Services at 1-866-783-6847 for individualized information and to discuss your options. You will need your OTIP Plan Number and OTIP Identification Number - both can be found on your OTIP Benefits card.

You will also need to make the same decision regarding access to our contractual Employee and Family Assistance Plan. If mainting your access to this service (current estimated cost is $0.51/month), you should complete and submit an LKDSB Benefit Action Request form to the Board.

Important: you should add the baby's name to your benefits as soon as possible following birth or adoption as there is a specific window of time to do so. To make a change from single/family (or vice-cersa) this lifestyle change needs to be done within 31 days.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

A decision you will need to make is whether to opt out of LTD coverage for the duration of your leave or to maintain coverage. A very good article has been produced by OTIP called Should I Continue My Long Term Disability Coverage During My Leave of Absence.

Should you decide to maintain your LTD coverage:

Should you decide to opt out of coverage for the duration of your leave:

Under WSIB/LTD, there needs to be agreement that you are not collecting income from a different source at the same time.

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

There are also decisions to be made and steps to be taken related to your pension.

Supplemental Employment Benefits (SEB)

Supplemental Employment Beneftis are outlined in Article C8 (central part) as well as Article L18 (local part) of the collective agreement.

Employment Insurance Application (EI)

The application for EI can be completed on-line. Keep the following in mind:

Ontario College of Teachers

Please make sure you contact the Ontario College of Teachers in January during your leave to arrange to pay your annual fees. The Board does not pay this on your behalf if you are on a leave in January.


Before the Arrival

After the Arrival